GCU Student Hub

The user now expects more from their mobile devices as there are fewer limitations of the past and the line between computer and mobile devices fade. There is a demand for the same functional content rich media available across all platforms regardless of the screen size, which in turn cause issues in regards to usability and creates a cognitive strain on the user. By implementing a mobile first design strategy and exploring visual and, motion design solutions could help overcome these problems. This was the foundation to my dissertation.

How might we enhance the user experience of a content heavy mobile site?

Using the Glasgow Caledonian Student Home Page to create a seamless experience across all functions based on an extensive user experience design process.

Download the Prototype here: GCU Student Hub (Mac only)

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User Experience Design Process

Online Surveys
Comparative Usability Testing
Usability Heuristic Evaluation
Stakeholder Interviews
Guerrilla Testing
User Journeys
Site Maps
Task Flows
Design Compositions
Detailed Specifications


Principle For Mac
After Effects


The personas based on the extensive research and helped recognise the needs of the user and drove the design process towards the user’s goals. The User Journey based on the personas, communicate how the user interacts with the Student Hub and reach their goals. This user journey confirms the effectiveness of the experience in comparison to the current Student Home Page and how it will be integrated into the student lifestyle.

The results of participant's opinions of the visual design, layout and navigation, motion and animation and their experience using the prototype compared to the current Glasgow Caledonian University Student Home Page.