Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2016 – Live Project

The live project is a competition, where a number of short- listed participants will be offered work placements and the opportunity to win ‘GDFS Best Up-and-Coming 2016’ awards. Participants will work independently on one brief in their own direction but allocated a mentor who will be on hand to offer advice and creative direction.

Based on a concept outlined by Ken Kirton of Hato, the brief challenged participants to start something for themselves – framed with the altering perception of a designers role:

"Designers are now working outside of the usual client – designer structure, establishing their own communities and support structures. Self-promotion and self-initiated projects have now become a viable direction forward, whilst co-funding has allowed designers to abolish the client relationship completely. Designers are empowering themselves by creating their own opportunities and applying their portfolio of abilities and skills in new and unexpected ways."

Shortlisted - Placement with Recoat Design