Tangent – Commonwealth Games Project

Tangent, Glasgow-based brand identity and graphic design studio set the challenge to rebrand the Commonwealth Games Federation, and then to create an identity and subsequent digital media campaign for a chosen host city.

The project outline was to think about how to utilise digital media to target a wide-ranging demographic of men and woman, aged 18–35, in a way that they haven’t been engaged with before, regarding sporting competition.
Using the CGF core values,
— Humanity
— Equality
— Destiny
rebrand the Commonwealth Games Federation.


After Effects
Principle For Mac

The Sun Never Sets on The Commonwealth

The arch or setting sun represents the Commonwealth Games promoting peace and harmony.

The distinctive coloured lines represent the reflection of the sun on the horizon and are the reflection of the of the core values of the Commonwealth Games.

Humanity, Destiny and Equality.


Host City - Sydney, Australia

Dreamtime is stories describing important features of Aboriginal spiritual beliefs.

The story of Enora and the crane.

The Young boy, Enora is in the forest at night and comes to clearing only to see a group of birds with loads of beautiful colours washing over their feathers passing from bird to bird from a large crane in the middle. He tells his mother what he found but she doesn’t believe him so he goes back the next night. This time he throws a stick and kills the crane. He brings the bird back to his mother and she begins to cry. He looks at his hands and sees feathers growing out from under his skin. This time he goes back to the clearing as the crane.

This story can be linked to the trinity of values.

Digital Media

Exploring how augmented reality can be utilised into promoting the games across all digital media platforms targeting the demographic. An app that uses augmented reality technology as a navigation tool.